Arthur James Froy

Private, 2nd Hertfordshire Battalion, Home Guard.

Died on the 21st September 1943 aged 21.

The grave of Private Arthur James Froy at St. Nicholas churchyard, Stevenage.

Arthur was the son of Claude & Ada Froy and the husband of Monica Froy. He was a keen Rover Scout, and lived at 103 Haycroft Road, Stevenage, with his wife of only 14 weeks. He was employed as a Draughtsman at Kryn & Lahy in Letchworth and was an enthusiastic member of the Home Guard.

On returning from a weekend camp at Knebworth he complained of an irritating insect bite on the back of his neck. Over the following week things became increasingly worse and he was eventually admitted to Hertford Hospital where he died on the following Tuesday from blood poisoning.

He is buried in the St.Nicholas churchyard, Stevenage. (Grave 658).

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