Frank Gregory

253026, Private, “B” Company. 10th Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment).

Missing In Action on the 2nd September 1918 aged 27.

Frank was the son of John B. and Sarah Gregory. After his fathers death his mother remarried and lived at The Moorhen's Inn, Hitchin Hill, Hitchin.

On the 11th May 1912 Frank, aged 22, sailed from Liverpool aboard the the White Star liner Laurentic in passage for Quebec. He settled in the farmland province of Saskatchewan where he remained until the 31st May 1916 when joined the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force.

On the 1st September 1918 the Battalion was holding Support Postions in Cherisy in preparation for an attack on German positions in Villers Les Cagnicourt. It had been decided to keep the men of the Battalion in their billets until the very last moment in order to allow them as much rest as possible. The plan then called for the men of the 10th Battalion to pass through the 7th Battalion as they approached the German positions, in order to keep attacking troops as fresh as possible. This, however, proved difficult to achieve as the Battalion had no guides to assist them and each Company was reliant on its Officers to steer them in the darkness, using only compasses. Despite this setback, the Battalion managed to reach the edge of Upton Wood by 08.00am, where it rested for a short period before advancing. "B" Company, which was under the command of Major L J Carey MC, was on the right flank of the attack.

By 08.45am the attack had come to a halt due to the ferocity of the German defence which combined the use of artillery, trench mortars and machine guns.The four Tanks that had been allocated to the attack had, by now, been knocked out and Battalion casualties were very high. At one point, every available man was taken from the HQ Company and thrown into the attack in order to bolster the rising casualties and it was not until 11.00pm that the attack came to a halt. "B" Company, despite its Commanding Officer being wounded, played a significant part in the capture of the objectives, although their losses were high, including Private Frank Gregory.

Frank Gregory is buried in the Upton Wood Cemetery, Hendecourt Les Cagnicourt, France. (Grave F.15)

Headstone Inscription: "Beloved"

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